*NEW* Alternate Measurement Conversion

Ever notice that so many of your go-to recipes call for “1 cup granulated sugar”, but you purchase sugar in a 25-pound sack? How do you, as a small business owner, account for this in your recipes without constantly having to re-calculate conversions?

ChefHub makes it simple with a new feature that allows you to add in your own custom conversions! Let’s start with something like granulated sugar.  You can see below that we purchased a 25-pound sack of sugar for $15.73.


Sure, you can write all of your recipes by weight, but for many kitchens having a gram/oz. scale handy for each cook to work on prep projects isn’t always as feasible as having a few sets of measuring cups on hand.

Take the guesswork out of recipe costing by adding in an Alternative Measurement for the granulated sugar.  Once you have added ingredients to your Items database, you can go back in to those Items that you want to add a custom measurement to.  In this example, 1 cup of granulated sugar weighs about 200 grams.  Let’s add that conversion by editing the item, and scrolling down to Alternative Measurements, and click “New Measurement”.

sugar conversion image

In the pop up box, you can enter the purchased measurement, and how that will convert to the Alternative Measurement.  For this example, you would enter “200” and choose “grams” from the left drop down box.  Then in the right side, enter “1” and choose “cups” from the right drop down box, then save.  You will now see this measurement listed as an alternative.

When you are building out recipes, you will now have the “purchase” value AND “alternative measurement” value available, meaning some recipes can use sugar in ounces and others can use it in cups.



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