How to Make Your Happy Hour Happier

Is your Happy Hour working?
TGIF, I need a drink!! I love me a good happy hour and for a lot of people it’s a religious pre-weekend routine. Happy hour can be great for building brand recognition and getting customers in the door. Who doesn’t love great deals on food and drinks?

With that being said are you getting the most out of it? Are you making or losing money on your happy hour? One strategy can certainly be blindly slashing prices on popular items and drinks, but if you prefer not to fly by the seat of your pants on this one ChefHub has a great tools built-in for evaluating margins during happy hour.

Get Happy!

Using the Recipes > Menus screen in ChefHub you can create a specific menu for happy hour to get information about average price, margins, etc. Furthermore, you can break down the menu into specific courses ( or in this case drinks/food ) for margins on each of those individually.

Screenshot 2015-12-02 12.15.17

We realize that more often than not happy hour menus feature smaller plates than normal, because of this you can specify the scale at which the item is served. On the food menu above we have used the standard burger menu item at 60% scale to indicate a happy hour slider. You may want to separate Sliders out as their own menu items for increased accuracy and reserve this feature for sides like french fries or oysters where portion size is more directly related to yield.



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