Humble Beginnings

As our first blog post we thought it would be fitting to answer a simple question– Why ChefHub?

ChefHub–before it was called that–was actually created and used by Steve to help him in assessing margins and costs in his restaurant, RGang Eatery. It certainly has evolved a lot from those early days and functionality has expanded to include broader use cases. After all a pastry chef and a chophouse manager are going to have different needs not to mention entirely different units of measurement for the majority of the ingredients that make up their menus.

Web applications these days are constantly throwing around over inflated marketing jargon, but ChefHub truly was “created by restaurant owners for restaurant owners/chefs”. The utility we found in the tools we created just had to be shared and put in the hands of more restaurant admins. Alas, ChefHub was born and we are continually striving to make kitchen admin tools easier than ever to use with reporting that gives you incredible insights to your business.

What’s Next?

Looking forward to the immediate future we are already working on these items:

  • Improve the on-boarding experience to make populating ChefHub with your data more painless.
  • Sharing data between users from different organizations
  • Overall site speed and responsiveness

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with what we’re doing and we hope that you will help us improve ChefHub as well by submitting feature requests, ideas, and bug reports as they arise. It’s an exciting time and as we grow we hope to help your business do the same.


The ChefHub Team




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