Faster Changes with Inline Editing

One of our primary goals at ChefHub is to help save you time and money. I know–We say it a lot! One of the best ways to immediately start saving time and claiming back your day is to use the quick edit feature when you need to make changes to your data.

When should I use quick edit?

All the time, duh! Any item that is underlined by a grey solid line is quick editable. In many cases one quick edit dialogue box will allow you to modify multiple fields. Utilizing this feature will drastically cut time from your work flow if you are currently viewing each individual item/recipe in order to make some of these edits.

quick edit screen

Where can I find quick edit?

Any of the overview tables will have various quick edit fields, but the main Items table has the most available with:

  • purchase amount
  • category
  • vendor
  • and vendor code

On recipes table pages you can use quick edit to swap categories as well. Quick edit is also available on the inventory page where it really shines in conjunction with the “fast input” option toggled. The fast input toggle will automatically open the next editable item after hitting enter so that you can do inventory line by line without having to click each individual quick edit item.




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